It's pretty obvious that these images did not come from their "archive", but are instead messages that they've been able to source from the future. They've converted the images to black and white to make them appear old and are trying to use us to figure out what these future devices could be. » 10/24/14 12:23pm Yesterday 12:23pm

I think the idea is that these ships are the "last shot" to get off-world. If they had technology as you described, it would be feasible to save a larger amount of the Human race instead of a few groups of different survivors, and that would throw the entire flavor of the game off. » 10/23/14 9:34pm Thursday 9:34pm

I imagine it's a lot easier for them to make the games over if they don't have to compress anything. On consoles, compression is a necessity, but on PC they can "get lazy" and just throw things in without compression. A few generations ago compression was also a necessity for PC games, but with today's massiveā€¦ » 10/20/14 3:31pm Monday 3:31pm